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Welcome to Thomas White's

Resource Page 



This page is designed to help parents and staff have

easy access to sites and information. 



Planet Hop: Coordinates and locating Planets with grid sysytem on an interactive web site from the BBC

My new favorite web sites
From Utah State University, National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives
Many interactive Math games based on standards

Bobbie Bear
How Many Outfits can he wear?
At the Illumination web site under TOOLS

Go to the Illumination (NCTM) web site and find many interactive applets for Math

Symmetry web site with making patterns on line, along with the Snowflake Symmetry web site.

Visual Math Learning many activities and games

Graph Paper and many other math aids

Telling Time new web sites

Digital and Analog Interactive Telling Time web site (starts with hour and as the child is successful can go to the minute)

DOSITY web site, Click on the clock in therow that matches the time, can pick hour, half hour, quarter and minute

1. A Game a Day

A Game a Day interactive website

Many math and language arts activities

2. Illuminations Web site

Sponsored by NCTM Tangrams and geoboards that are interactive. The Activities section is wonderful.

3. Bobbie Bear
Bobbie Bear
How Many Outfits can he wear?
At the Illumination web site under tools

4. Census 2000 Data

Go to this website and look at real data from the 2000 Census Count.

5. BBC EducationMath Games

Spin the wheel on Numbers, Algebra, Shape Space and Measurement and Data Handling Standards.

6. Thinks.com

Play checkers, Chinese Checkers, and many other logic games at this site. You can choose your level and play against the computer.Three types of math activities.

7. Visual Fractions

Visual fractions with number lines and pie shapes.

8. Java on line Interactive Math Activities

Use Pattern Blocks or Base 10 Blocks or Cuisenaire Rods for Number Sense. Wonderful web site to differentiate the math curriculum.


9. Dr. Super's Virtual and Super Math Site

Basic Geometry for Grade 3 and higher.

10. Probability

Have the computer flip the coin to find out how many heads and how many tails.

11. Practice your Facts at aplusmath

Pick games, flashcards or worksheets to practice your facts.

12. Preschool and Primary Math Fish Games

Click on the learning activity that you want to do.

13. Find the Frogs

Ribbit's Math Adventures

Click on the grade level and read and figure out the mystery.

14. Drill and Practice with Multiplication

Go to this page and click on the chart you want to work on.

15. Math Collection of Sites

Another School District's math sites for elementary children to use.

16. Guess the Computer's Secret Number

See how quickly you can guess the number between 1-100.

17. Kids' Carnival.com

Primary math activities
for students.
18. Math Baseball

Funbrain addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts along with the degree of difficulty.

19. Graphing

Look at ways you can build graphs.


20. Interactive geometry website from mathsnet. net

21. Funbrain.com

This site has many math learning activities for all ages.

22. More Primary Math Activities

Click on one of the games.

23. Weekly Brain Boosters

Weekly Brain Boosters. Also find some of the achieved ones to do.

24. Brain Bashers

Click on the games. Over 1,200 brain bashers for math that you can do.

25. Fractions

This website works on fractions with pattern blocks.

26. Fractions

Play this matching game as you match fractions

27. Fractions

Play Fresh Baked Fractions.
You can pick the difficulty level.

28. SOS Math on Fractions

Many topics on fractions


29. FlashCards for Kids

Pick the level and the amount and computation skill.

30. MathStories.com

The goal of this web site is to help grade school children improve their math problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It has 4000 math word problems for children to enjoy!

31. Illuminations Web site

Sponsored by NCTM Tangrams and geoboards that are interactive.


32. Math Wheel

with many games in number sense, algebra, Data Handling, and Space Shape and Measurement. Need shockwave to play.

33. Coolmath

Amusement Park of Math at coolmath. Games on fractions, lemonade, arithmetic, probability

34. Number Patterns Fun with Curves and Topology

Topics included are Prime Numbers, Magic Squares, Clock Arithmetic, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci, Tower of Hanoi, Pascal's Triangle, and many more.Scroll down to see all of the topics.

35. Basketball Interactive

You can play the game of basketball after choosing the math topic that is of interest to you.
Click on the left side for more math topics.

36. Tessellations


A great website for the teaching and learning of Tessellations.

37. Fact Monster

Click on the math section and even get math help with your homework. Learn about measurement, multiplication, and money.

38. Money, Business, and Economics
Learn about the Importance of money and how to manage it wisely.

Money Central Station - ages 5 to 13, interactive games.
US Mint for Kids - history of coins and interactive clubhouse.
Kidstock - learn about the stock market.
Savings Calculator - learn how to long it will take you to save for a special gift.

39. Teaching Treasures

This website has many interactive activities for all subject areas. Click on mathematics to see what you can learn, from Australia.

40. Tell Time

Tell time. Type in the correct time from the clock in digital form.

41. Many Resources for Math from gigglepotz.com

This website has many resources for parents, teachers and student for all subject areas. Click here to go to the math page.

42. On line Cube Game by S.R.A.

Play with a friend or against the computer. Roll the dice to get to 15 first, or add the numbers to 50.

43. More Interact Primary Student Web Pages

Play with fractions with pictures of Pizza.

44. Kindergarten Interact Math Websites.

What comes next?

45. Money Drills for primary classrooms

Students drag the correct amount
of coins into the piggy bank.

46. Problem Solving

Go Figure Engaging math challenges and wonderful daily problems in English and Spanish.

47. Computation skills

Cool math for Kids A Wide variety of learning math activities for all concept areas.

48. Number Sense

Number Machine
Beat the number machine with a higher number if at all possible.


Math WebQuests
for primary children

50. Interactive Math Websites from Utah State University.
51. Arithmetic 24 Game

52. IFigure Math Sites

This websites has many links for higher level math topics. A great site for differentiation.

53. More interactive math web sites from Cut the Knot.

Simple memory and computation skills but includes calculus and algebra

54. Graphing Calculator on line Go to cool math and Graphit

Make our own math practice sheets at MathWorks

100 chart, measuring, fractions, time, graphing, and the 4 computations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


My new favorite web site from IKnowThat

Fractions, interactive


A Collection of Counting web sites for younger children from Barb Feldman

Counting Web sites


Center School District, in Missouri, has EM resources for teachers to use according to grade level units.


Prime Numbers

A resource with many prime number web sites for students.











Please feel free to email mcdonaldj@bscs.k12.mi.us if you would like

something new to be included. 



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