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WELCOME...Ladies and Gentlemen, BSCS Families and Friends...
This is Superintendent Gloria Rubis! Sound Familiar?!
Thank you for attending the fiftieth commencement exercises for
BHS,  but  more  importantly  thank  you  for  the  support  and
encouragement you have given these graduates during their PreK-12  career.  

No  one  gets  here  on  their  own...so  graduates,  look
towards your families and applaud them for being here, there and
everywhere for you.
Also, it is an honor, and my pleasure, to recognize the graduates
of  the  Class  of  1964,  first  graduating  class  of  BHS.  Thank  you
for joining us this evening.
This  is  such  a  joyous  occasion!   As  you  look  around  there  are
smiles  and  proud  expressions  on  the  faces  of  all  who  are  here.
Yet, we live in a world that when you flip on the TV, radio and/or
Internet news, there is no shortage of negative, sad news locally
and  globally  being  reported.   And,  one  of  the  most  recent
unfortunate  events  was  the  bombing  at  the  Boston  Marathon.
Now, you are probably thinking...Ms. Rubis, why are you bringing up
this horrible happening today when we are all so happy?!
Well, let me continue and you will see where I am going with this...
The  morning  after  the  tragic  events  at  the  Boston  Marathon,  I
was tuned in to the news channels. I became interested at how
the broadcasters were sharing the reactions of those people who
were actually at the Boston Marathon. It was reported that some
ran from the scene. Some ran towards the scene to help victims.
Some,  including  some  of  the  runners/athletes  who  had  just
completed  the  26.2  mile  race,  continued  running  to  the  nearest
hospital  to  donate  blood.   My  question,  for  you  to  reflect  upon,
is...what would you do if you were present at such an incident?
There is a popular television show titled, %u201CWhat Would You Do?%u201D
narrated  by  John  Quinones.   During  the  show,  actors  set  up  a
potentially  controversial  scenario  in  a  public  place  with  hidden
cameras.   These  hidden  cameras  take  video  of  how  individuals
react in certain situations. For example, if you were in a grocery
store  and  observed  a  mother  speaking  harshly  to  her
children...what  would  you  do?   It  is  often  easy  to  know  how  you
would feel...but it is hard to know how you would react. However,
our actions define us. As a young adult, which you all are, every
choice you make, whether the choices are public or private, will
define  your  character  in  some  way.   Every  choice  has
consequences, whether big or small, good  or bad. And from here
on, you will be faced with choices...and consequences. There will
be fewer reminders by parents...no more whistles by referees and
umpires...no  more  discipline  referrals  by  teachers...no  more  RTP.
So, as you walk out the doors of  Bridgeport High School for the
final  time,  I  encourage  you  to  remember  what  you  learned  when
you  walked  through  the  doors  of  Thomas  White  or  Brucker  or
Schrah/Schluckbier  Elementary  for  the  first  time...and  that  is your character defines you and character counts!
The class of 2013 is small in comparison by number to some other
graduating  classes;  yet,  I  am  inspired  by  each  and  every  one  of
you and the challenges you have already met! And, I tell you that
everyday of your life, you will be faced with  more situations that
will require you to solve problems and answer the question, %u201CWhat
would  I  do?%u201D   Cherish  the  joyous  moments  and  do  not  let  the
difficulties  that  you  face  define  you.   Instead,  face  them  and
respond with positive character.
Ladies  and  Gentlemen,  inside  or  out,  rain  or  shine...today  is  a
celebration! Best of luck to each and every one of you...remember
that  you  are  always  welcome  in  my  office  and  in  BSCS.   It  has
been a pleasure sharing the past four years with you and I hope
we can create more Bearcat memories in the future...




portions of this address are taken from Owosso Public Schools Supt., Dr. Andrea Tuttle,
as published in the TROJAN TIMES, 04-21-13


It is my honor to welcome the graduates
of Bridgeport High School,
Class of 1964
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us in
the celebration of 13 years of hard work we call commencement...
50 years...1964...let's take a little trip down Memory Lane...
When you graduated you sent letters in the mail for just $.05...
Class of 2013 - no email, no text, no twitter!
When you graduated, you could call your friends from a pay phone
for $.10...
Class of 2013 %u2013 no cell phones! And what is a pay phone?
When you graduated, you could fill your car, a twenty gallon tank,
for  $5.00.   That  would  be  $.25/gallon.   By  the  way,  the
Chevrolet 'Chevelle', the Pontiac GTO, and the Ford Mustang were
introduced %u2013 Base price of all three was in the $2,000s!
'Baby  Love'  by  the  Supremes  and  'Can't  Buy  Me'  Love  by  the
Beatles were two of the top singles...
Class  of  2013...You  had  to  buy  them  as  a  vinyl  record,  called  a
'45, not download them to your iPod!
The President was Lyndon B. Johnson...
The US began bombing North Vietnam...
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace prize.
I  never  get  tired  of  taking  walks  down  Memory  Lane.   It  is  so
interesting  to  me.  Class  of  1964  and  Class  of  2013,  no  need  to
do  your  research  using  an  encyclopedia  anymore...just  Google  the
cost of living in whatever year you would like to learn about!
Once again, as a representative of the entire school community, I
welcome the Class of 1964!

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