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Martin G. Atkins School

Behavior Support Team


Food Service

My Teacher
    Miss Schlosser
    Mr. Kowalski
    Mr. Lounsbury
    Mr. Morford
    Mr. Ombry
    Mr. Rose
    Mr. Rotunno
    Mr. Smith
    Mr. Waters
    Mrs. Alderton
    Mrs. Atkins
    Mrs. Cartwright
    Mrs. Collins
    Mrs. Cook
    Mrs. Della Santina-Hahn
    Mrs. Duley
    Mrs. Franz
    Mrs. Hatton
    Mrs. Haynes
    Mrs. Heintz
    Mrs. Jacobs-McDonald
    Mrs. Licavoli
    Mrs. Luth
    Mrs. Magnus
    Mrs. Martin
    Mrs. Morrison
    Mrs. O'Toole
    Mrs. Piechowiak
    Mrs. Rice
    Mrs. Rotunno
    Mrs. Rousseau
    Mrs. Satonik
    Mrs. Schaeff
    Mrs. Shappee
    Mrs. Thomas
    Mrs. Tolfree
    Ms. Atwood
    Ms. Bull
    Ms. Fila
    Ms. Jackson
    Ms. Martin
    Ms. Monroe
    Ms. Ricker
    Ms. Wertenberger
    Ms. Wilcox
    Ms. Will
    Ms. Ziegler

Principal (Grades 2-5)

Principal (Grades 6-8)

School Closing Bulletins

School Social Worker


Speech Therapy

Title I

Youth First

Martin G. Atkins School

Martin G. Atkins School

Grades 2-8



School hours for 2013-2014

7:20 (Drop Off)

7:30 School Starts

2:45 Students released






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